Gantt widget decoupled with engine?


I am in the process of evaluating a Javascript based Gantt for our use and came across your site. The features look very impressive and I am leaning towards the PRO since many features we require are there. I would truly appreciate if someone could answer a key question I had.

• Is it possible to decouple the engine or calculations aspect from the rendering? I am confused since I saw critical path calculations in the demo. We would like just the Javascript based rendering and editing capabilities with tie back to our server/engine/logic instead of DHX. Is that possible? or does the engine calculations automatically come with it? in other words, can I use DHX Gantt widget as a UI to represent and edit contents of our server based engine/calculations. I am hoping they are separate and I don’t need to buy your server-side engine along with the widget.

Please let me know.


there is not strict limitations for server side logic. Gantt loads data in json format, so it does not depends on backend implementation and sends changes back to server via ajax (or you can disable the built-in sending and do it manually). So you can have a custom backend with all required logic.
Regarding critical path - the component provides an extension that calculates it on the client-side. If you’ll be do it on a backend then you not need to use that, just do the calculations on the server side, get the required info to the client-side (e.g. ids of critical tasks and links) and manually color them … tasks.html