Gantt with multi selection and inline editor

I have a gantt chart with multi selection and inline editor ( but the editor only fires with a double click because the first click select the line.

I have found this snippet that works like I expect.

What’s the difference? I have downgrading the version but it still not working. It is a premium feature?

Hello Lucas,
It is not a premium feature. Looks like, it is a bug that appeared in the 6.0.0 version and you are the first one who noticed it. Thank you for informing about that. I added it in our tracker, the dev team will fix the bug in the future. I cannot give you any ETA, but I will notify you when the fix is released.
Now, as a workaround. you can use the onTaskClick event handler and open the inline editor after clicking on a task cell in the grid. Here is an example of how it might be implemented:

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