Ganttchart with start and end date instead of duration


I am specifying the start and end dates in my data columns instead of start date and duration. So, If I have start date as ‘2015-06-08’ and end date as ‘2015-06-10’ , the gantt shows the bar only from ‘2015-06-08’ to ‘2015-06-09’ ,but I expect it to show from ‘2015-06-08’ to ‘2015-06-10’ .
Is there any setting that I am missing.

Thanks in Advance.

currently the end dates are not inclusive,
please check this post viewtopic.php?f=15&t=42750&p=129082&hilit=inclusive#p129082

Hi Aliaksandr,

Thanks for quick reply and confirming this.

I would like to calculate the duration at the data source level as I have start and end dates with me,and pass in the start date and duration to the gantt chart instead of start and end date. And in the grid columns I would still display my end date as a custom column. We are not using lightbox.

Do you see any flaw with this approach.

Thanks in Advance for any inputs.