GanttChat does not load [help]

i was trying to work your sample tutorial, but the ganttChat does not load!
there is my page jsf:

[code]<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>

Facelet Title Hello from Facelets Simple read-only chart:
Mouse-hover some task to see the description.


well i use netbeans and jsf pages
there is any idea to resole my problem??

Any help???

i neeeeeeeeeeed help!!!

At first, please try to run our own sample on your web server. If it works, let’s try other things.

thanks for your answer
yes your sample works very well, and my path to js and css is correct.

next - check javascript console for some errors

what you mean? i used the same javascript as in your sample.

try to debug your page - if my sample works and yours not, then there is some difference. try to find it. how can i help?

i just copied and pasted your files to my application files, nothing changed!

i don’t know what’s wrong with my code!!

i tried an other tool for gantt and it’s work very well in my server, i think there is somthing missing in my code but i don’t know what is it.
thanks a lot and i appreciate you help!!

when i click (using ctrl + click) on the function “GanttProjectInfo” in my page code it doesn’t lead me to the main code of the function excepte " addChildTask " it lead me to the main code.
thats mean he don’t know the path to the function “GanttProjectInfo” .
do you have any idea to resolve this problem?

hello Fedor;
sorry for disturbing you, i tried many ways and nothing works
your sample works in my server, but when i create a new jsf page and i copy your code into my page, the only change i make is the path to javascript files.
well im very intersted to use your compenent but i need your help.
i’ll appreciate it

If JavaScript is loaded well, it will work, as you do not use any other server side data. I bet the JavaScript file was not loaded, please check it with your browser (open page properties or source code, and check).

hello Fedor;
it was loaded, i checked it in my browser as you said (the javascript code existe)
can i send you my project to see whats wrong in my code?

That is not possible.

the problem is that the function “GanttProjectInfo(id, name, startDate)” is unknown and others except this one " GanttTaskInfo.prototype.addChildTask = function(task) " , even if i try to make the sample about load xml file i have the same problem the function " GanttChart() " is unknown too.
please can you see this video ( ) that i have made to better show you my problem.
thanks for your time

i resolved the problem, in your code you missed calling the createChartControl function, so i added this code

<script type='text/javascript'> createChartControl('GanttDiv'); </script>

after the div tag.