Gap ( __filler__ ) in Grid with Smart Rendering Enabled

Hi Support Team,

I have an issue I am stuck with currently for a Grid with Smart Rendering enabled.

Basically I populate the grid from the database which is fine.

However, when I try to populate the grid again by parsing additional rows I encounter a large gap in the center of the already existing rows. The gap is selectable which produces a _childIndexes is null or not an object in dhtmlxgrid.js when a cell is selected (even though the cell is empty).

The gap is the same size as the number of rows to be added to the grid.

Debugging the row ID seems to be filler which I can see is used/set in dhtmlxgrid_srnd.js and dhtmlxgrid.js.

It looks as though the filler is being added in the wrong place and the rows are subsequently added at the end when parsed.

My parsing code is as follows:

dhtmlxGrid._refresh_mode =[true,true,false]; dhtmlxGrid.parse(loader.xmlDoc.responseText);

Example XML for the parse is:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?><rows> <row id="2748_01/04/2014"> <cell>0</cell> <cell></cell> <cell>2748</cell> <cell>01/04/2014</cell> <cell>12/31/9999</cell> <cell>09/25/2000</cell> <cell></cell> <cell>09/25/2000</cell> <cell>ABC</cell> <cell></cell> </row> </rows>

Grid is in Split Mode with Smart Rendering enabled.

Please let me know if there is a common issue which may cause this type of issue.

DHTMLX Version is 3.6 Professional. I can provide additional code if necessary.


Hi Support team,

Any idea what might be causing this?

I also observed that when you do a group selection of rows using shift, it does the select from the white gap where it seems to think the parsed row exists.

It seems as though the row is added to the end of the grid, but actually exists in the filler area.

Selection events are taken from the filler position.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions as it is causing many issues with my page currently.

Many thanks,

Hi Support Team,

I really need some help for this one.

I’ve removed most of the HTML from my page leaving only what is necessary to run the test to parse data onto the grid, but the grid continues to have the same issues.

This is making the grid unusable in Smart Rendering mode.

Why is the gap there on the grid when in Smart Rendering mode, and why does it match with the number of rows I am attempting to parse?

I have attached some files with this post.

  • The HTML which shows the issue - this has been stripped of most content from actual version of JSP
  • The data being loaded into the grid initially for an initial search against the database.
  • The data that is being parsed onto the grid after the original load. (4.42 KB)

I have noticed that if perform a sort the gap is removed, but I cannot use this to resolve my issue.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


I apologize for delay. Your issue is confirmed. The fix will be sent to you in the support ticket you’ve created.