General "Responsiveness" questions


Pre-Sales Question but technical so here we are:

So one of my first questions looking at these great components and after watching a few of the videos was how responsive are the components? Looking through all 7 pages of forum conversations after a search - I was left with the impression that they aren’t very responsive. So here are my drill down questions:

  1. can container size variables be set globally upon device detection so that components become responsive?

  2. Are there components, we would likely use most of them that no matter what are not going to be responsive?

  3. Are you working to make them responsive?

  4. Do you have or are you planning to have a component that is designed for device detection and responsiveness?

  5. I am skeptical that bootstrap would solve all the responsiveness issues do you have another solution?

Thank you in advance for your reply! :slight_smile:



Well, dhtmlx is a UI library which helps render complex or very complex content. Often content even overloaded, but as you probably already know - all is possible. All. We’re here and ready to help if any troubles.

To our mind the best library usage for different devices is the following (apps with complex content):

  1. determine set of devices (i.e. phone, tablet, pc, 4k tv screen - each device has its our screen resolution, this important, or you can separate them by screen resolution range)
  2. decide if device will be rotated in real-time mode, i.e. if you need to support this functionality (sometimes there is no obvious way how content should be rendered after device rotated)
  3. in your app you have to determine on load stage what device type is used (you can’t grab your app by header and drag to another device)
  4. develop separate mockups for every device type depending on resolution (here I mean UI design, i.e. how controls should be positioned on the page)
  5. make it alive with dhtmlx!

If you’re plan to use easy content like layout with two cells or grid only I still recommend you to devide mockups by devices (or resolutions) from the beginning - it then will be easier to change app functionality in future.

For this purposes we made a demo which demonstrate how this can be done with dhtmlx. Please open and we will send you demo sources.

Regarding your questions - please send your mockup to and we will definitely tell you how it can be optimally realized.

Hope this will help.