Generating XML using Serialization

I need to generate the whole calendar data into xml format using serialization script.But now it is generating in the short form.

Ex:If I have Recuring Event and it is stored in the dtabase with Rec_Type as week_1__2#no.
When it is loaded into the calendar it is parsed and showed for all the weeks but when i tried to generate xml it is showing the same format in which i saved the data in the database.

can any one give idea how to generate xml with full events details

Check the sample from the next topic

It shows how extra attributes can be registered for serialization.

I have gone through the post and i downloaded and ran serialize.xml i got the data but instead of rectype i need to get all the events that are generated throuhg rectype in recurring event.

example:rectype:week_1_2#no means every week 1st monday the event should be repeated and there is no end date for it.This is shown exactly in the calendar but when we want to generate the xml it is giving week_1_2#no but i need the events repeated on that day.

This is not possible, scheduler doesn’t store them as separate objects ( if you have defined event without end-date - it will be infinite list of events )