Generic data output templates like DHX Form..

The DHX Form is nice to use… means we can populate data in a form, get the changes etc…

However, we recently realised that using the tag, we could just display data from the dataset called by the DHX form… of course it works for text etc, although of course trying to display an image this way (i.e. using the attribute bind=‘llflf’) of course will not work.

So, given the DHX form has a side effect of sort of being a template, it would be very excellent if DHTMLX provide a basic templating engine that fits with the other DHX components… (i.e. think jTemplates etc).

Actually at the moment, I am using the micro-templating engine from John Resig (jQuery), but again would be nice to use one framework if possible.

We have some ideas in this direction as well.
Currently you can create a dataview and load a single item in it - templates of dataview allows to map values to any HTML|css properties.