Generic (date-less) scheduler display possible?

I’ve been searching everywhere in the documentation but can’t find an answer to the following question:

Does HTMLX scheduler support a generic (Mon-Sun) view WITHOUT specific dates?

For example, if I’m planning my itinerary for a project but don’t have specific dates and just want to base the itinerary on day-names (i.e: Monday=studytime, Tuesday mornings=lecture, etc) , is this possible to do in Scheduler without having a specific date attached to each day?

It is not possible, but you can choose any week and fix scheduler on it, you can

  • fix initial date on necessary week
  • remove navigation batton and views tabs ( to prevent data moving )
  • change headers of week to show only day names, not dates

All above is possible through api, without need for source code modification


In your opinion, would it take a significant amount of time/resources/experience to adapt the code to offer a “no-specific-date” option?

Or is it something fairly straightforward that even a novice developer could do in little time?

Basic knowledge of scheduler’s templates and config options is required.
It will take from 10 to 30 minutes to make app with scheduler in desired mode.


Could you please give me an example showing how to change headers of week to show only day names, not dates ?


It can be done using week_scale_date template, also you’ll probably want to hide the navigation bar on top of scheduler.
Here is a demo

And related docs: … plate.html