gently detach the object from window without destroing it

in our previous conversation:

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If you need not old object you can just use
It will destroy old object automatically.

My new question:

But,  I will need this object createNewWorldDiv again, e.g.:


createNewWorldDiv object will be destroyed and I will not be able to re-use it.  I need: gently detach the object so I will able to attach it at some point again.

Thanks again.


1. You can use appendObject() method and show/hide used/unused objects … 3141707000

2. You and detach it manually, for example:
<div id=“myObject”…>
<div id=“myOtherObject”…>
// attaching 1st object
// detaching 1st object
document.body.attachObject(“myObject”); // <-- this will reattach object to body so window won’t destroy it
// attaching 2nd object