Get a pivot table in a Tab

I have a tabbar with two tabs. In my first tab I have a grid. I wanted to put a pivot table in the second tab with data of my grid.

I thought to use this code:

tabbar_1.addTab('tab_2','Pivot'); dhxGrid.makePivot('tab_2',{action:4,value:0,x:2,y:4});

But I get nothing in second tab.
I tested my pivot table by this code:

<div id="test"/> dhxGridVan.makePivot(test',{action:4,value:0,x:2,y:4});
and I get my pivot table.

But my problem is I don’t know how I get the result in my tab instead of a

in my html. How can I define that the container of my pivot table is equal to the second tab?

There is no possibility to apply this method directly and post pivot in tabbar cell. But you can try to attach 100% div container to this cell and then apply this method to this container.

tabbar.tabs("tab_2").attachObject("pivotDiv"); dhxGrid.makePivot("pivotDiv",{action:4,value:0,x:2,y:4});

thanks a lot, it works

You are welcome!