get a value from the combo excell dhtmlxgrid cell object

Hi I have an issue with the dhtmlxGrid. I have followed the sample for adding a combo object via xml into a cell as eash row could have different options for the combo in a cell.

The combo box works as expected but there is no clear documnetation for the excell methods to get the value of the selected option. you have methods to get the option text not the value.

Please can you help. provide me with the methods for the combobox for excell object that allow me to get the value for the option that is selected.

Also according to the documenation the default option has to be specified as such
TEST - ALL CustomersALL - ALL CustomersTEST - ALL Customers
so would the value be 3 or would it be null.

we are using the professional edition 2.5

found a method but again the only issue i have is the default value is set but it still throws null for the value please help



In this case combo is grid editor. Therefore, you need to use grid methods to get cell value (it is the same as the value of selected option):

var value = grid.cells(rowId,columnIndex).getValue();

In common case, you need to get combo object (cell combo) and apply the combo method to this object:

var combo = grid.cells(rowId,columnIndex).getCellCombo();