Get available time slots for a day, week or month


Is there a way to get all available time slots in dhtmlx scheduler??
I am working on a application where i am using dhtmlx scheduler for appointments, we got a request for re scheduling the appointments.
Currently we can drag and drop in day view clearly, but when it comes to week view or month view it is night mare to find out the exact time slot.
So what i am planning we will give one option “reschedule” where we will list all the available slots from where user can select a slot and reschedule the appointment.

I know user can do this in edit mode by changing the time and date drop downs, but at a given point of time user may not know whether the chosen slot is available or not.

Is there any better idea for this kind of request?? Please suggest

Thank you :slight_smile:


You can check the availability of events by

var timInterval = 10; //take your time interval in minutes

var reshedule_from_date = somedate;//get it from the edit mode 
var reschedule_to_date =, timInterval, "minute");
var evs = scheduler.getEvents(reshedule_from_date,reschedule_to_date); 

if slot is filled you will get the details of it , else you can confirm that its available .

Hope you understood :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, this gave me hint to get t he available slot and it worked for me

Thanks again! :slight_smile: