get calendar object


I am using dhtmlxgrid with calendarA cell type, Is there a method to get calendar object, like getCellCombo() method to combo cell type

Thank You

There is no such API but you can catch the object through onDhxCalendarCreated

grid.attachEvent(“onDhxCalendarCreated”, function(cal){
//cal - calendar object
//you can configure calendar object here

Hello Stanislav,

I tried using onDhxCalendarCreated event to catch the date object, and called showMonth() method to specify month and year but it’s not working. I am using dhxCalendarA cell type.
here’s my code :

grid.attachEvent("onDhxCalendarCreated", function(cal){
   return true;

any suggestion ?
Thank You

Sorry Stanislav,

It’s working Now, the format date i’m using is %d-%m-%Y, the code above should be changed :
cal.showMonth(“2014-09-01”) To cal.showMonth(“01-09-2014”).