Get className of field in form

Hi all,
Is it possible to get the className attribute of a field in a form ? Or any attribute for this matter?

Thank you

Can you provide some more info about the desired use-case.
Form doesn’t provide the direct access to the HTML element and their classes, normally you will use the API of form and will not care about HTML which is rendered by the widget.

What i mean is that i create a form in dhtmlx.

i attach the form and everything is perfect. But i want to iterate the form fields like so:

clientForm.forEachItem(function(name, value){
if(clientForm.getItemType(name) == “fieldset”) {
clientForm.setItemWidth(name, layout.cells(“b”).getWidth()-45);

That works fine.

Is there something like clientForm.getClassOrSomething(name) ?

I want to get the forms items classes so i can manipulate them with code if they have a specific class assigned.

Thank you.

Unfortunately there is no such API in dhtmlxForm.