Get Data from Dataview

I have two dataviewers and drag and drop activated,
in the first dataview i load a xml from DB
the second dataview is empty and i want drop data inside it

my question is: how can i get the whole data list from the second dataview and then save it to a database :bulb: :question:

Sorry for my english :blush:

You can use DataProcessor and Connector - this is default approach which can be used with all dhtmlx components. โ€ฆ ndex.shtml

Thank you Stanislav, i will try it

I was looking for an iterator like grid iteratorโ€™s

        grid.forEachRow(function(id){ // function that gets id of the row as an incoming argument
                // here id - id of the row

but in this case i will use a grid dnd instead dataview

thank you :wink:{ //do something })