get data in a combo from connector

I set a combo in a form. I need to put the options in the combo. And the combo options which are get from a connector SQL.

I find the example code :

            type: "combo",
            label: "Package",
            connector: "../common/combo_options.xml",
            value: ""

The above code is a field which is mean the option is get from a connector. It is work ?

I want to ask how perform this field function ?

I also a code that is load from connector, how about your explaination ?

 grdResult.loadXML("DBConnector.ashx?strSQL=SELECT * FROM MASTER_PARAMETER_DEF ");

connector property allows to define path to xml with combo options. The xml can be generated by the script that could be based on our server-side Connector.

Here is the example with dhtmlxComboConnector usage:

So, the “combo” item in a form can be as in:

{ type: "combo", label: "Package", connector: "01_basic_connector.ashx", value: "" }