Get event loaded JSON data on event click

How can I access JSON data in the event click? In this example I would like to get “resource” when clicking on an event.


scheduler.parse([ {text:"title", start_date:"2014-08-05 12:10", end_date:"2014-08-05 13:45", "resource":"108182.0",color:'red'}, {text:"Meeting", start_date:"2014-08-04 12:30", end_date:"2014-08-04 13:00", resource:"1234.0"}, {text:"Conference", start_date:"2014-08-04 14:00", end_date:"2014-08-04 16:00", resource:"1234.0"} ],"json");

[code]scheduler.attachEvent(“onClick”, function (id, event){
//get loaded json data related to event

   return true;


You can use getEvent method to get json object of related event

var resource = scheduler.getEvent(id).resource