get eventid inside an external function

i’m integrating qtip popup on mouseovring the eventbox on the scheduler.
I need the event_id inside an external function. Please help.

[code]$(document).on(‘mouseover’, ‘.dhx_cal_event.my_event’, function (event) {
// var f =parent.scheduler.getEvent();
var f =scheduler.getEvent(id);//how to get event_id here ?
// alert(“parent”+f);
// alert(Sapppid);
overwrite: false,
content: {
text: “…”,
ajax: {
url: window.location.pathname + “controller/Eventdetails/”+Sapppid,
type: ‘Post’

            style: {
                classes: 'ui-tooltip-light',
                width: 500
            position: {
                my: 'right bottom center',
                at: 'top right center',
                target: $(this)
            show: {

                ready: true,
                solo: true
            hide: 'unfocus'


i even tried this:

[code] scheduler.attachEvent(“onMouseMove”, function (id, ev) {
var Sappid = scheduler.getEvent(id).text;
//this makes attachevent to hit first .creating popups twice everytime and also null value at the beginning. and eventid are i dropped this one to create popup.


if you have event handler assigned to the html elements of events, you can try to read “event_id” attribute, which contains ID of the event.