Get modified text values with dataprocessor


I use the component to modify a tree.

Here is my script

	treeEntities=new dhtmlXTreeObject("treeboxbox_tree","100%","100%",0);
	treeEntities.loadXML("<% = Session("portalUrl") %>/ip-admin/includes/buidEntitiesXML.asp", function() {
	treeEntities.setImagePath("<% = Session("portalUrl") %>/js/dhtmlx/dhtmlxTree/codebase/imgs/csh_dhx_skyblue/");
	myDataProcessor = new dataProcessor("<% = Session("portalUrl") %>/ip-admin/includes/entity_edit.asp");

I succeded in calling the asp page which is supposed to save datas but I don’t understand how I get new text values when I updated the tree… I get only this string :

The tr_text is the former value not the one I updated…


such a problem can occur if ids are not unique in a tree. Check that all ids are different.

Here is my xml…

Seems fine, I’ve got the same problem with your sample xml…

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?>
           <item text="BU CHP (7327)" id="7327"></item>
           <item text="BU Gestion de l&amp;rsquo;&#233;nergie (7328)" id="7328"></item>
           <item text="Direction Juridique (7341)" id="7341">
                <item text="Direction Ressources humaines (7342)" id="7342">
                     <item text="Direction Strat&#233;gie D&#233;veloppement Economie  (6682)" id="6682"></item>
      <item text="Direction de la Recherche et de l&amp;rsquo;Innovation (GDF Suez) (6517)" id="6517">

           <item text="Pilotes et Experts transverses DRI (7344)" id="7344"></item>
           <item text="Plateforme V&#233;hicule Electrique (7345)" id="7345"></item>
           <item text="Plateforme Inovation &#233;nergie (7346)" id="7346"></item>
           <item text="P&#244;le gestion de la connaissance (6695)" id="6695"></item>
           <item text="Autres utilisateurs DRI (6702)" id="6702"></item>
      <item text="SUEZ Environnement (7178)" id="7178"></item>
      <item text="Branche Energie Services (7329)" id="7329"></item>
      <item text="B3G (7330)" id="7330"></item>

      <item text="BEEI (7331)" id="7331"></item>
      <item text="DSDD (7334)" id="7334"></item>
 <item text="Prestataires (6209)" id="6209">
      <item text="INTELLECO (7006)" id="7006">
           <item text="Direction G&#233;n&#233;rale Intelleco (116)" id="116"></item>
           <item text="D&#233;partement Outils Intelleco (6268)" id="6268"></item>
           <item text="D&#233;partement Analyse et veille Intelleco (118)" id="118"></item>
           <item text="Charg&#233;s d&amp;rsquo;&#233;tudes (Intelleco) (7007)" id="7007"></item>

           <item text="D&#233;partement D&#233;veloppement (7002)" id="7002"></item>
      <item text="Observatoire pour l&amp;rsquo;Innovation dans l&amp;rsquo;Energie (6927)" id="6927"></item>
 <item text="Entit&#233;s inactives (6715)" id="6715">
      <item text="Erma Electronique (6568)" id="6568"></item>
      <item text="12Troie Consulting (7009)" id="7009">
           <item text="Staff 12Troie Consulting (6266)" id="6266"></item>


Have a look at the sample: … _data.html
What should be done here to recreate the issue ?

I think that was because of my xml response to js script that was not correct… I fixed it and it seems to be fine now…

I keep you posted.