Get scheduler instance in js insided fully custom lightbox

Hi All!

I’m using fully custom lightbox in MVC 3 project with scheduler. It is loaded in iFrame and in javascript inside that lightbox I can’t get instance of the parent scheduler.

Does anybody know how to do this?


You must be able to acces it by using parent.scheduler or top.scheduler

Thanks! that works, but now I have another problem

I’m doing

but event is still shown, but its title and description are crossed out. I’m trying to updateView but this doesn’t help. How can I remove this event from scheduler?


“crossed out” - normally this means that event was marked as deleted, and request to server side was sent, but server side response is invalid or not received at all ( some kind of server error during data saving )

so scheduler.deleteEvent makes some calls to server?
is there any example or demo how to use it correctly?