Get selection box current text and value.

Hello all,back with another noob question,

Is there any way to get hold of the current text and value attributes for a selection box? (not a combo box).

I have a selection box within a form called transportForm list called addTransportSel and i need to get hold of the text and value currently set and store them variables ive tried;


but neither works as they both return null, probably some very simple way of doing it can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


transportForm.getItemValue(“addTransportSel”); should give you value of selected option
transportForm.getItemText(“addTransportSel”); should return you text label next to select

also you can:
var opts = transportForm.getOptions(“addTransportSel”); will return you options array - you can extract option text

Hi all,

Thanks Andrei, your suggestion put me on the right track for other noobs (like me :wink: ) out there this is how I did it:

var opts = yourFormName.getOptions("yourSelBoxName");
// get the currently selected option and then its text attribute. 
var text = (opts[opts.selectedIndex].text);

Captain_Ludd, thank you for sharing! :slight_smile: