Get server side response


I’m not an ajax expert, but following your examples and suggestions (and the ones posted in this forum) I succeeded in customizing my dhtmlxScheduler.
Now I’m facing the following issue:
I have a very simple JavaScript function to save the calendar

function saveCalendar(){
	var form = document.forms[0];
	form.elements.hidData.value = scheduler.toXML();

which works with this html code

<iframe src='about:blank' frameborder="0" style="width:0px; height:0px;" id="hidden_frame" name="hidden_frame"></iframe>				
<form action="ajax.asp" method="post" target="hidden_frame">
	<input type="hidden" name="hidData" value="" id="hidData">

The first thing my server side page must do before performing the function that saves the calendar in .xml, is to read a session variable in order to verify if the web user is logged and if not, to redirect him/her to the login page.
The problem is that I can’t find a way to perform this redirect.
This simple instruction doesn’t work (I think because the calendar “stays” in the target

If Session("LOGGED") = "" Then Response.Redirect("my_url")

I thought that something like the following should work

If Session("LOGGED") = "" Then Response.Write("session_expired")

but in the dhtmlxScheduler I can’t find something similar to the xmlHttpObj.responseText
in order to perform a redirect like this

if (xmlHttpObj.responseText=="session_expired") {document.location.href="my_url";}

Do you have suggestions?

Many thanks for your help.
Kind regards.

Guido from Italy

You are using
which is not dhtmlx functionality, so you need to process response in some other way, or you can use out ajax layer as"some.php", "data="+encodeURIComponent(scheduler.toXML()), function(loader){ if (loader.xmlDoc.responseText=="session_expired") {document.location.href="my_url";} });

Now it all works perfectly!

Thanks a lot.