Get spreadsheet cell row and column


dhtmlx spreadsheet seems to use dhtlmx grid but I am having difficulty in getting the grid events to work. Specifically I want to get the row and column id’s when a cell in the spreadsheet is selected. Cutrrently I have this code:-

dhx_sh = new dhtmlxSpreadSheet({
load: “dhtmlxSpreadsheet/codebase/php/data.php”,
save: “dhtmlxSpreadsheet/codebase/php/data.php”,
parent: “spreadsheetObj”,
icons_path: “dhtmlxSpreadsheet/codebase/imgs/icons/”

        var iRow = dhx_sh.grid.getRowId(dhx_sh.grid.getRowIndex(dhx_sh.grid.getSelectedId())); 
            alert(iRow+" HERE");

but get: uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getRowId’ of undefined

I have tried a variety of combinations without success. Can someone please tell me how I should obtain the row and column references.

Many thanks.


Maybe I should rephrase this. Is there a way to hook into an underlying function within dhtmlx spreadsheet to make the content of a cell bold for example, or insert contents etc. programatically.

Many thanks for any insights.


For example dhtlmxspreadsheet.getCellStyle(row,col). From where do I get the values for row and col?

and in dhtmlxspreadsheet.setSellsStyle(id,value), from where do I get id?


Unfortunately the usage of the dhtmlxGrid API in the dhtmlxSpreadSheet is not supported.


Thank you for your reply. Does this mean when a user clicks on a cell in the spreadsheet there is no way to capture the row and col that could be used in the published method dhtlmxspreadsheet.getCellStyle(row,col). If that is the case, does it mean this method only works if you hard code row, col values into the parameters?


The getCellStyle method is not documented and is not a part of a public API. spreadSheet disigned such way that is has minimal possibilities for the customizations from the client-side.

Could you please, clarify the case where you need to use it.