Get the active view


In dhtmlxlayout, how do I know the active view?

How do you going to switch them?

I create many view:

var ContentZone = main_layout.cells(‘b’);

var CostsGrid = ContentZone.view(“costs”).attachGrid();

var barChartCustomer = ContentZone.view(“stat_customer”).attachChart({

I activate a view:

Later in my code, I would like to know the active view, how?
ContentZone.view(“costs”).getActive() ? -> don’t work
ContentZone.view(“costs”).isActive(); ? -> dont’t work

what is th function to get the current active view?

where is API documentation of view?
setActive is the only function of view???

There is only method getView(). It returns the cell object. But you can get its children. I.e.