Get the Details form id in get.php page?


How to get the particular Details form event_id out of delete_related($action) function . i can get it within this fuction .
like below :

Becoz i want to set the permission for the update & delete button.

like below:

thanks in advance…

This function will be never called if you have defined


so you need not any special handling for it.

Update and Delete preventing is working… but i want to set this as per user credential.

Some user can Delete & update. Also some user can Update only… thats why am asking how to get the Details form “event id”…

I can get the user rights from event_rec table. if i get the event_id, i can get the users rights from that table.

Plz help me…

Thank you …

[code]function access_check($action){
$event_id = $action->get_id();
if (some_check($event_id)) die();

$scheduler->event->attach(“beforeProcessing”, “access_check”);