Get the position of item

hi everybody,
i have a problem. how can i get the position of item. like and item.offset.left.
normal document object can get position as below. i wander if item of dhtmlxtree can.

  var docObj1 = $('#books').offset();//api of jquery

due to the requirement that i want to draw a line from one item to another item of another tree. so i need to get the position data of items in the first place. i dont know whether dhtmlxtree has other good methods more convenient to implement the requirement.

thank you
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Allen Duan

You can get tree item DOM object reference with following code:


where itemId - id of tree item

hi Olga,
i used the code u provide. as below.

var itemOb = tree._idpull["books"].htmlNode;

an error occured: “tree._idpull.books is null or is not an object.”
books exists definitely.
my dhtmlxtree version is 1.3.
my problem is about version?

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thank you very much

Allen Duan

Yes, try to update your dhtmlxTree version

hi olga
my dhtmlxtree’s version is 1.5.
how can i get DOM object?
i tried the method u provided~
it doesnt work.
do i forget import some js?

best regards
Allen Duan

dhtmlxTree version 1.5 is not supported now. It’s better to update dhtmlxTree version.

Is “books” item loaded in tree ? If you need to get item position right after xml loading, you need to call this function from the loading end handler:


function doAfterLoading(){
var obj = tree._idpull[“books”].htmlNode;