Get the value of a clicked cell


I have a lot of problem to get the value (text) contained on a cell when its clicked by the user :
rows:[{id:“grida”,view:“grid”, header:false,select:true,
fields:[{ id:“lettreA”, label:"", template:"#lettreA##lettreD#" },
{ id:“lettreB”,
label:"", template:"#lettreB##lettreE#"},
datatype:“xml”, // the type of the data by which we will fill grid up
url:“keyBoardData.xml” // the relative path to our xml file

$$(“grida”).attachEvent(“onItemClick”,function doOnRowSelected(rowID){
how do i get clicked cell value?

By the way : im trying to use frame and grid to build a virtual keyboard :neutral_face:
Is there another easier way?
Thanks !

Ok forget it. i finally used toolbar (with buttons) in frame to get the wanted results.