get time and header details for scheduler from table.

I use mvc4 razor with db first entity.
Is that possible to give input for time columns,header colums input externally?
For example: in this demo
1)I’m trying to give 8:00 to 12:00 externally from a table, so that I can control the timelimit via table.
2)In rooms view, I wanted to get the header details like “room #1” “room #2” from a table externally.
3) I need tooltip for every cell of scheduler .
but scheduler is designed totally for’ dhx_scale_holder '.How to assign tooltip for cells inside dhx_scale_holder?

all configs are set programmatically, so you can use any source for the settings

  1. First and last hour are defined by numeric values, you can receive it from any source including the database. You only need to decide which format you use to store settings.

  2. they are loaded externally, see the ‘Rooms’ table in the tutorial … orial.aspx

  3. if you want to show different tooltip for events in different rooms, you can define template on the client-side and generate tooltip html dinamically depending on event settings