Get tooltip value

Hi please can you tell me, How i can get tooltip value on chart ?
When i move cursor to the point on chart shows tooltip with value, it’s real get this value and show them in alert window when pressed left button on mouse ?

Tooltip shows value.
I.e. in a structure like this:
var cartData = [{“value”:15,“label”:“111”},{“value”:121,“label”:“222”},{“value”:13,“label”:“333”}];
tooltips will show 15, 121 and 13.
And you can alert it the next way:

chart.attachEvent("onItemClick", function(id){ alert(chart.get(id).value); })

i have undefined value from function chart.get(id).value

Please, provide us your chart data.
May be you haven’t attribure “value” and have some other attribute?

thx for help, i get Xaxis value

Can you say please how i can get name of series and Yaxis value in this method ??
i have 2 series on chart, and i want when click on each series shows alert window with Xvalue,Yvalue and series name ???


Here is a method description: … hart_get&s[]=get
You can get it as data properties.
About series - here is an usefull link for you:

Darya in method get i can get only xAxis value … or i did mistake ?
but i can’t understand how get series name by “getAttribute” from your link ((

Provide me direct linkt - i will show you in your example.

i did it in local on the 05_series example …

Send you this modifyed sample
chart.rar (146 KB)

Can you please show on 05_line_chart sample, how i can get Yaxis value by click on the dot on graph ?

Please, download my attached sample in previous post.

sorry i don’t see that … maybe will be problem with forum ??? i see only first page and second page show only 5min ago

thank you for your reply

Yes, it was some problems.


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