Get value of custom database fields

I would like to know if my understanding is correct. I want to get the value of a custom database field from an event in scheduler. For example in your samples events.xml you have a data field called details. I would like to use JavaScript to get the value of that field from an event. To get the value of start date, end date or text you have functions such as scheduler.getEventStartDate(event_id). Is there a similar function to get the value of custom fields?

I know I can use lightbox sections to add the field to the details form and then use scheduler.formSection(‘details’).getValue() to get the value. So does that mean I can only get the value of custom fields if I add it to the details form and the the event has to be displayed on the screen with the details form? I have a custom field that is my unique record identifier or key field that the user does not need to see. Does that mean I have to add the field (and hide it) to get the value?

Here is a another question. I am only adding a unique record identifier because I do not know much about your id fields. What is the difference between the event_id and the uid()?

Thanks for your help.

You can get|set any property as


where “description” - name of the property

Thank you. I should have realized that. It works.