getAllChecked on visible, but disabled checkboxes

I have a tree with 3 checkboxes checked. The checkboxes are visible, but in a disabled state (disableCheckbox function).
If I now use the getAllChecked() function on the tree the result is empty. If I enable the checkboxes again the result is 3. Is this normal behaviour? I need it to return 3 as well in the disabled state. Fact is, they are still checked so should be returned.


Please, send us a demo on or open ticket with this question and attach a demo … pport.html

You can just try it on the online examples. For instance:

Select a couple of items in the first tree and click on “Get list of checked”. You can also type following command via developer tools:


This should give back a result.

Then via developer tools run following script to set all nodes disabled (this can only be achieved per node?):

for (var i = 0; i < tree.getAllSubItems(0).split(",").length; i++) { if (tree.getAllSubItems(0).split(",")[0] != "") { tree.disableCheckbox(tree.getAllSubItems(0).split(",")[i], true); } }

If you now click on “Get list of checked” or run the “tree.getAllChecked();” results are empty. I expect the same result or am I missing something here?

The version I’m using of dhtmlx is 3.6, but new versions are giving the same results. See my example in previous post.

Same goes for all the links in the example on this page:

Disabled items don’t get into the “list of checked” - it is correct behaviour

I don’t agree with what is correct behaviour, but ok. It is what it is.
Is there a function that returns all checked disabled checkboxes?

Item can be disabled only via disableCheckbox() method for a certain item. That is why you already have all disabled items and don’t need special API for it