getAllRowIds() returns the separators (,) as part of array


I have a grid with, for example, 2 rows (id=2 and id=4).

The following code gives i the value of “2” in the first loop, but gives i the value of “,” in the second loop (instead of “4”).

Why is that? Isn’t getAllRowIds() supposed to return an array? If not, how can I use getAllRowIds() to get an array?

for (var i=0; i < mygrid2.getAllRowIds().length; i++) {

a = mygrid2.cells(mygrid2.getAllRowIds()[i],4).getValue();

b = mygrid2.cells(mygrid2.getAllRowIds()[i],1).getValue();

c = mygrid2.cells(mygrid2.getAllRowIds()[i],2).cell.childNodes[0].innerHTML;


getAllRowIds returns the comma separated list of values
It can be used as

var ids = mygrid2.getAllRowIds().split(",");
for (var i=0; i < ids.length; i++) {


Also there is a built in itterator, which can be used for the same task <br> … ingthrough

Thank you.

The built-in iterator forEachRow is simple and works well.