getAllUnchecked returns zero as first item in list


I only see this from getAllUnchecked.

GetAllChecked returns a string delimited with the char specified from the same list.
checkedItems: widget/mashup-root/CloseIfPopup/,widget/mashup-root/Refresh/,widget/mashup-root/ResetInputsToDefaultValue/

unchecked: 0,widget/mashup-root/Refresh/,widget/mashup-root/ResetInputsToDefaultValue/

if no items are checked, I get “0” returned. typeof shows it is a String:
unchecked: 0

I recently upgraded to the latest version of DHX library from an older version that never had this issue.

Any suggestions welcome - for now I have to check for and shift the zero as it breaks my app!


Thank you for your post.
The problem is confirmed and will be fixed in the near future.
If it is critical you may send email to the support system to request the fix.