getChangedRows() after drag and drop operation not working

I have two grids and perform one drag and drop operation from one grid to the other. When I try to get the id of the added row by calling grid.getChangedRows(true) it doesn’t return anything. But when I call grid.getAllRowIds() the added row id is in the list returned. What else do I need to be doing to get the added row id to be returned from getChangedRows()?


getChangedRows command returns only rows which was edited by user
If you are using grid 2.5 you can use

var ids = grid.getChangedRows(true);

It will include in result the added rows as well. … hangedrows

WE upgraded to 2.5 and grid.getChangedRows(true) is not returning the added rows.  Note:  I am trying this on a non-editable grid.  Is it still meant to return added rows?

The getChangedRows() function in our copy of dhtmlxgrid.js in version 2.5 does not take a parameter.  It seems like it should?

We had the wrong version.