getCheckedRows on grid with text_filter


I Have a grid with a text filter which also has checkbox available. User can select some check boxes, filter then select some more etc etc .

But when I use getCheckedRows to get the array of rows which are checked it only returns those currently visiblle in the grid with the current filter selection.

Can I get ‘All’ the checked rows using getCheckedRows or do I have to

Write my own row by row function to query the condition.

Or clear the filter then use getCheckedRows.



In filtered state most functionality of grid will work only against filtered set of rows ( which is convenient in most cases )
If you need to call functionality against all rows you can reset grid back to normal state by
or use forEachRow iterator, which will work for all rows

var checked=[];
    if (mygrid.cells(id,0).getValue()==1) checked.push(id);