Hi Everyone;

Many of the examples for the grid show the use of getElementByID. One example shows how to add a second header row and in one of the cells for that new row to put a div tag and then a few lines of code later appends to that tag a text box (I’m not showing that below).

Anyway, it appears that getElementID does not work in ie 6.0.2 when the div tag is in the col header? in the following snippet of code, var x always evaluates to null. I’ve tried putting text boxes and labels within the div tag, as opposed to the href shown here. Any ideas as to a work around?


set date for all
set date for all

var x = document.getElementById(‘startDateAllLink’);

    alert("id = " +x);

Thanks - Joe

Actually getElementById must work , but the next is possible.

a) the grid is not rendered yet  - the content of header will be created only after grid.init call, before this moment it not exists, so it can’t be located by getElementById
b) In case of split, elements in left part of header can be not locatable by getElementById

If problem still occurs for you - please provide full js code used for grid initialization.

Thanks Very much.  It is now working!