getFormData() - Return item names rather than value?


I’m using the getFormData() method to export my form data into a cookie, however when I do so I get an object containing the item labels and then an array of key value pairs, of position in the array and ID of the item. Here’s the code :

Object {favouriteColor: Array[3], Name: “8”}
Name: “8”
favouriteColor: Array[3]
0: “4”
1: “5”
2: “6”
length: 3

How do I return the text value of the items rather than the ID?

Does it return ‘4,5,6’ and ‘8’?
Do you need return ‘favouriteColor’ and ‘Name’?

The data in the form is a list of colors. I need it to return : “red”, “blue”, “green”

Try myForm.getFormData().favouriteColor[0]