getItem and using distributed parsing

If we want to get a node or open a node and still use distributed parsing is this possible?

We get the error:

Error type: getItem

Description: The item 14 not operable. Seems you have non-unique ID’s in tree’s XML

We have a huge tree that we want to not load all at one time, but still be able to getitems or open nodes.

The problem is that distributed parsing break normal command executing flow, which may cause hardly detectable errors.
If you want to use distributed parsing you can do one of next

a) disable smartXMLParsing - it resolve problem as well , because it caused by combination of two modes
b) try to increase second parameter of enableDistributedParsing, with some bigger value it will work correctly

>>We have a huge tree
If your tree has deep structure - the usage of smartXMLParsing can be enough,in other case you can try to use SRND mode , which available starting from dhtmlxtree 1.6
The distributed parsing doesn’t really increase performance, it just prevent browser freezing while loading big dataset.