GetObject for Custom Input Elements

Hi All,
does anyone have a suggestion for a getObject Function for custom input elements? (like getInput).
I did it with jQuery, but I’m not sure if it is good to mix the frameworks within a prototype function.

    var myItem=false;
    $.each(this.objPull,function(index, value)
        if(value.getType()=='HTMLFormTable' && index.toString().split("_")[2]==id)
    return myItem;



Natively form does not have HTMLFormTable item.
Please provide more code, then probably we can help.

But if your implementation works well and you’re using jquery in your app - not a big problem to use it here also.

Hi Andrei
The code works well. If you say that there is no problem to mix the code, it will stay with jquery.

Thank you ver much.