getPhoto.php & thumbs_creator.php

My platform: dhtmlx Suite Standard on HTML/ASP/JavaScript based server.

Please help! I have nearly completed the core of my website using dhtmlx suite but PHP keeps getting in my way.

Is there any other way of performing the functions of “getPhoto.php” & “thumbs_creator.php” (or any other “.php” file within dhtmlx suite for that matter) as my server doesn’t support PHP?

I have no clue about editing PHP or making my server support it (although I have installed it on my server it doesn’t seem to work). All i’ve ever used is HTML/ASP/JavaScript.


Functionality of files hasn’t any specific elements , which are related to dhtmlx suite. You can replace them with custom handlers on any other scripting language ( ASP for example )

getPhotos.php - returns xml , with info about abailable photos
thumbs_creator.php - gets image name, and return thumbnail of related image