Getting Column ID Before Lightbox

I’ve a few dropdown lists on the lightbox and I need to pre-select values in those dropdowns based on the column header. How do I get the corresponding column ID (of the cell that I double-clicked on) before showing the lightbox? I’ve tried ‘onEmptyClick’, but on attaching this event, lightbox won’t show up. Please help.

Following is the code segment that I used to add a dropdown list.

var columnlist = tosColumns.Select(u => new { key = u.ColumnHeading_UID, label = u.ColumnHeading }).ToList();
var select4 = new LightboxSelect(“ColumnHeading_UID”, “Column:”);
select4.ServerList = “columnlist”;

I’ve got this working in the following way:

in “onEmptyClick” event, I get the column ID and save it in a hidden input control

scheduler.attachEvent(“onEmptyClick”, function (date, e)
var action_data = scheduler.getActionData(e);
clickedColumn = action_data.section; //returns the id of the clicked column
var ti = document.getElementById(“txtColID”); //hidden control
ti.value = clickedColumn;

Then in “onLightbox” event I assign the value of the hidden input control to the desired dropdown

scheduler.attachEvent(“onLightbox”, function (date, e)
var ti = document.getElementById(“txtColID”);
var block = scheduler.formSection(“ColumnHeading_UID”);
var select1 = block.node.querySelector(“select”);
select1.value = ti.value;

Hope this helps someone.