Getting concatenated value from combo into grid


I tried to get combo values by using render_sql:

$program_options->render_sql("SELECT *, CONCAT(program_launch_id,\" \", program_launch_name) as program FROM programs","program_launch_id","program");

I want to pass the concatenated value which is correctly shown in a form to the grid, where the form is bound to.
The SQL definition of the combo in the form is:

<item type="combo" label="Related program" name="program" offsetLeft="0" connector="php/programcombo.php" />

The grid is connected with a DB:


Each change shall be taken over in the grid by:;

But the concatenated value is not taken in the grid. What is wrong?

If issue still occurs, can you share XML output for both grid’s and combo’s connectors?

Hi Stanislav,

I’m too unexperienced to create the XML output in an alert statement. Would you please help?


Please help me. I need to understand how I can see the XML output.

Just write the related url in the browser ( like php/programcombo.php ) and save the result as a file.