Getting contenst of filtered lists

I currently have a grid with a number of attached headers as #select_filter. Is it possible to programatically, via javascript, iterate through the values in the select list in order to populate a different select list on the same page? Upon examining the DOM, it doesnt appear that either a name or id is available. For example, on viewing the DOM for one column I see:

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Since there is no id I cant use getElementById to get ahold of the select object then the values. Is this possible?

To get object of a certaing select box in the header you can use:

var obj=grid.hdr.getElementsByTagName(“SELECT”)[0];

Perfect. Thanks for the quick reply. 

Where might I find a list  of methods / properties in the obj object created above. I assumed (correctly) the value property but are there others that might be valuable.

obj is a reference to the ordinary select box. It hasn’t any special methods/properties.