Getting Date as paramater in scheduler.templates.week_unit_scale_text

Hi ,

I saw some posts previously for this thing that i want.
But it isn’t working with me, It always returns undefined.

I want date parameter in :-

scheduler.templates.week_unit_scale_text=function( key, label, unit, date ){
   return label;

Same result i need for

  • scheduler.templates.single_unit_scale_text
  • scheduler.templates.unit_scale_text

Here is a snippet for it.


Well walking through some its core code. I found a way to make it work by changing a 1 line of code.

File : dhtmlxscheduler._units.js
Line#: 25

Replaced or added an extra parameter ( s ) in the last
return e.templates[t+"_scale_text"](_.key,_.label,_)

Like this
return e.templates[ t+"_scale_text"](_.key,_.label,_,s)

Where ( s ) is the parameter for Date

So if there is any other way to do this without changing its core code.
Please let me know.



Which Scheduler version do you use?
I checked the issue in the latest PRO version 5.3.2 and the issue doesn’t occur there.

v.4.3.25 is attached in the snippet system, and I agree that there is the issue. Probably you just need to upgrade version in your app.

Alright Thanks.
My version is 5.1