Getting Error on Loading Data from DB in Gantt

Getting below error while Loading Data from SQL Server. It works fine on local machine but when I deploy it on server, get below errors.

ajax.js:208 GET http://wsapp1910/Home/Data?dhxr1554351478314=1 404 (Not Found)
(anonymous) @ ajax.js:208
i._execute @ bluebird.js:985
D._resolveFromExecutor @ bluebird.js:3268
D @ bluebird.js:2864
_call @ ajax.js:167
query @ ajax.js:117
get @ ajax.js:128
t.load @ load.js:24
(anonymous) @ main.js:32
(anonymous) @ main.js:38

VM123:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0
at JSON.parse ()
at Object.parse (load.js:141)
at Object.t.on_load (load.js:78)
at Object. (load.js:25)
at ajax.js:179

Hello Shaz,
Please, check that it is possible to access to the assigned address from the server. And open the web console on the network tab and check all messages there.

Hello Shaz,
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