Getting filters informations when clicking in a cell

Hi, I’m testing your pivot table on Vue.js and I need to be redirected to a simple dashboard wich will be filtered when I click on a cell in the Pivot Table.
For this puspose, I’m using the “cellClick” wich take “row”, “column” and “event” for arguments.
Infortunately, the row argument only contains all the values of the row and the column argument contains similar inforrmations.
For example : if I put two filters for the row, when I click on a cell, how can I know wich filters are applied to render the value in it

In my example, when I click on the cell I would be able to get proprietaire’s value (“ARCA”) and etape’s value (“2”).
Is there a way to get this data?

Thanks for your help

I found a way to manage with rows but it’s more complicated with columns.
Please do you have some ideas ?


Please, try to use the cellClick event of the grid object.
It contains all the needed information about the clicked cell.
For example: