Getting Only Visible Events For Data ActionResult

Here is what I have:

I updated the initialisation to set scheduler.config.show_loading to true and setLoadMode to “month”, which triggers the Data ActionResult with from and to dates. I then pass those dates , and the currently logged in user ID, to a web service method which pulls the events from the DB, and the results are parsed into the correct XML format for DHTMLXScheduler.

The problem I have is if I log out of my MVC app, and then log in as a different user, the week view is showing the cached event data from the previous user, and the data loading “progress bar” graphic is shown and never disappears. This is probably because the Data ActionResult does not fire due to the caching.

I think either I need to turn off the caching so that the scheduler always pulls the data for the required date range, or I need to write a new Connector or DataProcessor for scheduler.

Any advice would be welcome.

Or I turn off Dynamic Loading, but then I need to be able to pass to my Data ActionResult what date range the scheduler is showing…

this config setting will disable browser caching of scheduler requests

scheduler.config.prevent_cache = true;

Excellent. Thank you.