Getting rid of small pencil icon

I’ve been asked to get rid of the small icon on top of the edit/cancel/delete ones

They say it doesn’t do anything and so it shouldn’t be there

I saw ways to replace the edit/cancel/delete one’s, but not that one

Any suggestions are appreciated.



I figured this out! There’s a controls.png that has all the icons together. It’s tricky to edit since it’s a transparent image. I used Gimp and took out the small pencil and voila.

There’s probably a better way to do it. But the example wasn’t working for me.



I also replaced the trash icon with the same cancel icon. There is no deleting of events in my application (I intercepted the delete function with CodeIgniter to update a field to deleted in the database and filter them out in the sql unless specified… long story specific to my app)

It can be done through css as well

div.dhx_menu_head { background: inherit; }

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. For now things working well with the edit of the graphic. There’s no cancelling of appointments for my client so I this eliminates some of the confusion.