Getting/setting footer values

is there a way to get/set footer cell values
>>For grid 2.1 

>>var val = grid.getFooterLabel(column_index, row_index);
>>grid.setFooterLabel(column_index, val, row_index);

>>row_index is optional

I get an error when trying grid.getFooterLabel(1).  I checked your api for the grid/treeGrid and couldn’t find the function listed there.  I also dumped my grid object and couldn’t find any function named getFooterLabel() there either.

The version I’m using is: dhtmlxTreeGrid v.2.1 Professional edition build 90226/90316

I get an error when trying grid.getFooterLabel(1)
What issue do you have when using this method? Please contact and provide your reference ID and we will send you example.